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A story of the printing press and the future of language learning ↓

Hi there! 👋

If you're reading this, you're probably like me — you want to figure out how to get fluent in a new language.

You likely studied a language at school and tried some apps. These methods suggest there's one path to fluency, a one-size-fits-all course. This stems from the printing press itself — you couldn’t print a different textbook for every person!

The problem with one-size-fits all language courses?

They don’t work.

They leave you completely unprepared for real-life situations.

Even if I'm learning Dutch to speak to my partner's family, and my friend is learning Dutch for a job in sales, we learn the same things. Yes, the grammar might be the same. But when words & rules don’t seem relevant to your goals, you forget them.

This teaching method creates an unnecessary barrier for people who want to learn a new language. It’s boring to learn things you don’t need. It’s demotivating to feel like you’re forgetting what you’re learning. And it’s depressing to study a language for years only to be incapable of communicating.

We think this approach is the reason so many people claim they “suck” at foreign languages. Because they’ve been set up for failure.

More importantly, we believe there’s a better way. It’s based on the belief that language learning is personal.

Here’s what excites us about personalised language learning:

  • When you learn what you can use immediately in the real world, you are more motivated and more likely to remember it. So what if you could follow a personal learning path of the language you needed most?

  • When you apply what you learn in realistic situations, you get more meaningful, useful feedback. So what if you could have unlimited practice and feedback?

  • When you apply what you learn in realistic situations, you get more meaningful, useful feedback. So what if you could have grammar lessons based on analysis of your mistakes and progress?

At lingly, we are focussed on making personalised language learning accessible to everyone. We’ve been using AI to help accomplish this since before it was cool.

Challenging industry titans and education systems is not an easy task. If this resonates with you, check out the product! Get in touch. We’d love you to join our movement.

— Harry & Henry

  • Harry

    Tech lead

    Currently based in London. I'm learning German so I can speak to my partner’s family.

  • Henry

    Language lead

    Currently based in Poland. I'm learning Polish so I can order a beer in the Karczma.