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How it works

All it takes is one conversation a day

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Whether for family, work or relocation, you can customise your lingly course to exactly why you're learning.

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Becoming fluent is all about interaction and immersion. Build your confidence in authentic contexts on lingly

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lingly gives fluency tips tailored to your progress. Think of it as your dedicated language coach.


Language learners love lingly.

“I never thought I could get confident in another language, you should hear me now. Thank you!”

Clive M
Studied Spanish on lingly

“I was amazed by the flowing conversation I could have”

Leslie A
Expat living in Berlin

“This is definitely more helpful than speaking with myself in my own head.”

Andy W
Learning Italian on lingly

“So cool! Using this to get ahead of the class”

Studies French A-level

“I started plateauing in Dutch around b1, lingly is exactly what I have been looking for”

Leonard K
Using lingly to refine his Dutch

Fluency made easy

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lingly is a uniquely efficient language acquisition method designed by polyglots. It's your all-in-one platform for making accelerated progress.

Customise your course
Waste no time studying topics you don't need. Instead, build your own practical course
Practise conversations
Interact with AI characters to prepare for situations you'll find yourself in in the real world
Get instant feedback
See the mistakes that natives don't tell you, along with detailed explanations
Learn vocab and phrases
lingly gives you phrasebooks for every conversation, so you can grow your vocabulary naturally.
Understand native conversations
See how natives would approach certain conversations, and read easy-to-understand grammar breakdowns.
Grammar explanations
Deep dive into grammatical rules to communicate more naturally.
Remember for the long-term
lingly uses spaced repetition to help you grow your vocabulary
Listen, speak, read and write
lingly helps you improve all the skills you'll need in the real world

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We are on a mission to break down the language barrier.

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Your ticket to fluency

First lesson free forever, no credit card required.