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โ€œI never thought I could get confident in another language, you should hear me now. Thank you!โ€

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Clive M

Studied Spanish on lingly

โ€œI was amazed by the flowing conversation I could haveโ€

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Leslie A

Expat living in Berlin

โ€œThis is definitely more helpful than speaking with myself in my own head.โ€

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Andy W

Learning Italian on lingly

โ€œSo cool! Using this to get ahead of the classโ€

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Studies French A-level

โ€œI started plateauing in Dutch around B1, lingly is exactly what I have been looking forโ€

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Leonard K

Using lingly to refine his Dutch

โ€œI ditched Duolingo for lingly and now Iโ€™m running meetings in German at work, amazing how far AI has comeโ€

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Works as product manager in Berlin

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Digital Nomad's Language Course

Embark on a journey to enhance your language skills as a digital nomad with this practical course. Whether you're networking at coworking spaces or navigating new cities, these lessons will equip you with the essential vocabulary and phrases you need to thrive in your nomadic lifestyle.

Project Management Communication Skills

This language course focuses on developing practical communication skills for project management. Through this course, you will enhance your ability to effectively communicate in project-related scenarios, such as team meetings, progress updates, and stakeholder interactions.

Backpacker's Language Course

Prepare yourself for your next adventure with this backpacker's language course designed to help you communicate effectively in common travel situations. Whether you need to ask for directions, order food, or chat with locals, this course will give you the essential skills to navigate your journey with confidence!

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