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What do I get when you buy this course?

  • Practice real-life conversations with realistic AI characters. The conversations are tailored exactly to your level and situations you want to practice.
  • Our AI will help you improve your writing by giving you instant feedback on your grammar and spelling.
  • Unlimited access. Replay the conversations anytime, anywhere.

What level of do I need for lingly?

Our AI will adapt to your level, so you can start from beginner and work your way up to advanced.

For more advanced learners, our AI will tailor the learning experience to your specific needs.

What is lingly?

lingly is an AI-first language learning website. We believe that AI makes it possible and affordable for more people to access high-quality language curriculums and personal feedback.

Is this a subscription?

Yes, this is a subscription. You can cancel anytime. You will be charged 3.50 per month.