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Using the conditional tense correctly

Using the conditional tense

Running a meeting

Running a meeting

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“I never thought I could get confident in another language, you should hear me now. Thank you!”

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Clive M

Studied Spanish on lingly

“I was amazed by the flowing conversation I could have”

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Leslie A

Expat living in Berlin

“This is definitely more helpful than speaking with myself in my own head.”

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Andy W

Learning Italian on lingly

“So cool! Using this to get ahead of the class”

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Studies French A-level

“I started plateauing in Dutch around B1, lingly is exactly what I have been looking for”

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Leonard K

Using lingly to refine his Dutch

“I ditched Duolingo for lingly and now I’m running meetings in German at work, amazing how far AI has come”

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Works as product manager in Berlin

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